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Rene's Our Mann in Current Crop of Biographies

Montreal, Quebec

A surveying article on the sales of political and historical non-fiction books. Desbarats's biography on Rene Levesque is showcased as the current best selling book, despite laments from Francophones regarding the book's…

Desbarats' Biography Probes Paradoxes of Levesque

Montreal, Quebec

Richmond's interview with Peter Desbarats, following the release of Desbarats's book "Rene: A Canadian". Discussions on Rene Levesque's reactions to the biography, as well as Desbarats's own interviews with the contributors of his…

A Must Tonight - the CBC Look at Separatism

Montreal, Quebec

A positive review of Desbarats’ CBC documentary entitled “Separatism- A Decade in Perspective.” It is described as being the first true, rather unbiased, look at Quebec separatism. It includes rare footage of the controversial…

Helping To Enlighten The "Two Solitudes"

Montreal, Quebec

Gason's favourable review on Peter Desbarats book “The State of Quebec: A Journalist’s View of the Quiet Revolution.” Gascon views the work as intelligent and “well documented”, as well as noting that Desbarats understanding of…

Sometimes the Naked Animal Escapes

Ottawa, Ontario

The article focuses on a book by Richard Simeon of Queens University, entitled The Making of Recent Policy in Canada. The book argues that much of Canada’s supposed policy making through the last 10 years was really an illusion to…