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PQ Win Literary Bonanza for Biography of Levesque

PQ Win Literary Bonanza for Biography of Levesque.jpg
Discussion on Desbarats' biographical work on Rene Levesque, its popularity with the Canadian public.

Rene's Our Mann in Current Crop of Biographies

Montreal, Quebec

A surveying article on the sales of political and historical non-fiction books. Desbarats's biography on Rene Levesque is showcased as the current best selling book, despite laments from Francophones regarding the book's…

Desbarats' Biography Probes Paradoxes of Levesque

Montreal, Quebec

Richmond's interview with Peter Desbarats, following the release of Desbarats's book "Rene: A Canadian". Discussions on Rene Levesque's reactions to the biography, as well as Desbarats's own interviews with the contributors of his…

The Last Angry Man: In the Beginning They Were Five, Including Progessor Trudeau. Now There is One, Rene Levesque, Preparing for that One Final Battle

Toronto, Ontario

The magazine article profiles politician Rene Levesque and his political legacy. He was seen by a younger, less radical, more conservative, generation as part of an “ancient regime” but he still had some political tenacity left at…