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Twilight Struggle: The Cold War, 1945-1989

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Deluxe Edition

Players: 2
Playing time: 180 minutes
Age: 13 and up

Game overview: Twilight Struggle is a two-player game simulating the forty-five-year dance of intrigue, prestige, and occasional flares of warfare between the Soviet Union…

Reserve and renew: the LIS mental health zine
"A compilation zine with submissions from people who work/volunteer in libraries or archives (or are working towards a library degree) exploring the intersections of mental health, mental illness, and library/archives work."
- From the creators

Fire in the Lake: Insurgency in Vietnam

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Volume IV in the COIN Series

Players: 1-4
Playing time: 180 mins
Age: 14 and up

Game overview: Fire in the Lake is a 1-to-4-player board game depicting insurgent and counterinsurgent (COIN) conflict during the main US period in Vietnam,…

Trudeau Shirking Chance to Define Canada's Relationship with U.S.

Ottawa, Ontario

Desbarats felt that Trudeau was not being clear enough about Canada’s position with the United States in the face of recent import duties imposed by the United States. He argues that the mass media cannot properly convey the…

If Asked to Peacekeep, Reluctant Canada has No Option

Ottawa, Ontario

Desbarats discusses the difficult position Canada was in regarding its decision about whether or not to participate in the Viet Nam War. If Canada were to refuse to peacekeep, it would tarnish its reputation as peacekeepers.…

Why are we in Viet Nam? Well,… er…

Ottawa, Ontario

Canada had joined the International Commission of Control and Supervision in Vietnam. Desbarats attributed Canada’s decision to join to both a genuine belief that the country could help mediate a truce as well as Canada's belief…


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Players: 2-6
Playing time: 2-4 hours
Age: 13+

Game overview: In Boxcars, the players take the roles of rail barons. As rail barons, the players deliver freight from city to city, collecting money for their efforts. They use the money earned to…