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Those anti-Kosygin Incidents: 'Cries From the Heart'

Those Anti-Kosygin Incidents.jpg
Montreal, Quebec

Letters to the editor, from readers in response to Desbarats' article on the anti-Kosygin protests in Canada, during the month of October 1971

Provocative Analysis of Canada's Problems

London, Ontario

A generally positive review on Desbarats's "Looking Forward in Anguish: Canada Lost, Canada Found". Craig praises Desbarats on his level of critical overview of the key points leading up to Canada's political environment during the…

A Declaration of Faith

Montreal, Quebec

A positive review on Desbarats's polemicist view on the national outlook of Canada. Zolf discusses the major points brought on through Desbarats's marshalled portrayal of the political situation within Canada - including the…

Fire in the Lake: Insurgency in Vietnam

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Volume IV in the COIN Series

Players: 1-4
Playing time: 180 mins
Age: 14 and up

Game overview: Fire in the Lake is a 1-to-4-player board game depicting insurgent and counterinsurgent (COIN) conflict during the main US period in Vietnam,…

Government Betrayed Me, Says Distinguished Author

Kingston, Ontario

Hogben's article describes Desbarats's criticism on the pepper spraying incident at the APEC meeting in Vancouver, as well as the Canadian government's victimization of its citizens, expressed during the Canadian Club in…

An Allegiance Without Thought: Canada's Support of U.S. Military Action in Iraq has no Purpose

London, Ontario

In this article, Desbarats discusses his opinion on Canada's support of the United States' military involvement in Iraq. He cites Canada’s previous involvement in America’s invasion of Somalia as a complete and dangerous failure…

Real Caouette: Spellbinder From Quebec

St. John's, Nfld.

Profiles the life and rise to political power of Quebec’s Social Credit Party leader Real Caouette. Desbarats seems to be a fairly positive profile of Caouette.

Divison of Germany - An Unhealed Wound

Montreal, Quebec

On location from Germany. Outlines some of the pain felt and difficulties of reuniting East and West Germany.

Israel Shows Human Frailty

Montreal, Quebec

Part one of a four part co-series with cartoonist Ed McNally, profiling his time spent in Israel. He wanted to discover a “believable country.” He had many mixed feelings about Israel before travelling there. He was impressed by…

The War Measures Act didn't help Quebec separatism after all

Ottawa, Ontario

Desbarats argues that separatist sentiments in Quebec, in the wake of the October Crisis, had not increased despite the argument put forward in a recently published book by Walter Stewart entitled “Shrug-Trudeau in Power.”