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Our Own Third World Give us a Jolt

Desbarats recounts a journalism conference at Western’s Graduate School of Journalism, during which the issue of how well Canadian aboriginal news stories were covered was raised by Dan David, the first Canadian Indian journalist to work…

The Journalistic Career: A Lonely Pursuit for Truth

Moes presents a meticulous piece on Desbarats's role as Dean of UWO's School of Journalism, his latest documentary project on the journalism industry, and the resulting insights and criticisms that Desbarats had gained whilst working on the project.…

1 - Desbarats The Academic Journalist
2 - Desbarats at Centre of Storm

London, Ontario
(Features two articles)

1 - Zych's interview with Desbarats discusses how he arrived to this position as Dean of UWO's School of Journalism, his impressions and revelations whilst working at UWO, while also discussing some of the…

International Sex Workers Day
This zine was created by Masters of Library and Information Science students. It contains poetry, critical essays, non-fiction articles, and illustrations.

mit zine: an alternative student publication
This zine contains opinion pieces, poetry, a comic, and essays related to the topic of activism.

The Preface Restored: The First Issue
This zine looks at what it is like to be an MLIS student and topics that relate to the MLIS student body. It contains anecdotes, satire, cartoons, and lists.

Favourite Books
This zine contains a number of lists of books to read, some have accompanying descriptions of why the list-maker enjoyed the books. It also contains cartoons, illustrations, and other LIS related lists. This zine was bound using coloured yarn.

Favourite Books
This zine contains illustrations, quotes, cartoons, suggested reading lists, and other lists related to life at FIMS or FIMS related topics, copies of emails. This zine was bound using coloured yarn.