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1993-01-02 Segment 1.mp3
Dan Smoke recalls the Smokes’ recent travels visiting the Onondaga Nation and Oneida Nation in Syracuse, New York. Dan Smoke also recalls attending the recital of the Great Law of Peace at the Six Nations Reserve.

1994-01-08 Segment 1.mp3
Dan Smoke teaches listeners how to greet one another in the traditional way of the Ojibwe and Iroquois peoples. Dan then tells stories to teach listeners how each part of creation is unique, and those differences allow us to live in harmony with the…

1998-09-05 Segment 5.mp3
Dan Smoke discusses the meaning of the Thanksgiving Address, which gives thanks for everything that has been put on the Earth by the Creator for people to live in harmony. Dan Smoke also discusses the importance of listening to the sacred…

1999-04-17 Segment 5.mp3
Dan and Mary Lou Smoke tell listeners about a new book, ‘Peace, Power, and Righteousness: An Indigenous Manifesto’ by Taiaiake. Dan tells listeners about the teachings of the Great Law of Peace (particularly the important role Clan Mothers play in a…

1993-02-27 Segment 2.mp3
Dan and Mary Lou tell listeners about upcoming events in and around the London, Ontario area. Dan also shares news that today is the 20th anniversary since members of the American Indian Movement occupied Wounded Knee on Pineridge Reservation.
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