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U.S. Example an Ominous Warning to Canadian Educators

Desbarats discusses the current trends in education teachings, found within journalism schools across North America - noting that possible risks associated with simply teaching the technical aspects of journalism, as opposed to providing a nurturing…

The Last Angry Man: In the Beginning They Were Five, Including Progessor Trudeau. Now There is One, Rene Levesque, Preparing for that One Final Battle

Toronto, Ontario

The magazine article profiles politician Rene Levesque and his political legacy. He was seen by a younger, less radical, more conservative, generation as part of an “ancient regime” but he still had some political tenacity left at…

Liberals Dream of an East-West Alliance

Ottawa, Ontario

A unique but potentially fruitful political tactic the Libreral Party was considering is discussed by Desbarats. The Liberal government was considering abandoning the Toronto and southern Ontario area in favour of focusing on…

The Speeches Stanfield Hasn't Made

Ottawa, Ontario

Desbarats explains why he believes that Conservative Leader Robert Stanfield has not been able to lead a very successful campaign. He feels as though Stanfield does not back up his claims or ambitions with concrete evidence or…

Pierre Elliott Trudeau: A Man Today

London, Ontario

Desbarats believed Trudeau was too good to be true as a politician and therefore, unfortunately, had a nowhere to go but down. He expounds on Trudeau’s solid education, ethnic background, linguistic ability, appearance, finances,…

How Times Change: 53 Years Ago We Fought the Red Army

Ottawa, Ontario

Desbarats points out that Canada sent 5000 troops to fight against the revolutionary Red Army during the 1918 Russian Revolution. He uses this point to springboard into a discussion about Canada’s ability to play both sides of a…

A Quebec View of Ontario's Costly Election

Ottawa, Ontario

Desbarats believed that the 1971 Ontario provincial election would indicate what future elections across the country would look like years in the future. More would be spent on advertisements (millions), they would be personality…

One Year Later: Little Sign of Separatism's Growth

Montreal, Quebec

The same article as The War Measures Act didn’t help Quebec separatism after all, published just one day earlier in the Toronto Daily Star.

The War Measures Act didn't help Quebec separatism after all

Ottawa, Ontario

Desbarats argues that separatist sentiments in Quebec, in the wake of the October Crisis, had not increased despite the argument put forward in a recently published book by Walter Stewart entitled “Shrug-Trudeau in Power.”

Beatles Provide Hardest Day's Night: 'I Love You, Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah'

Montreal, Quebec

Desbarats recounts his experience attending a Beatles concert at the Forum in Montreal, which was overwhelming and unpleasant in his opinion. The article is written as a series of updates at times throughout the afternoon and…